Thursday, December 27, 2012


When did the last time you ever watch a television? Let me guess, a few minutes ago right? This form of entertainment has slowly influenced our mind sets mostly with horrible mentalities. Parents see this as something that has nothing to be worried about. Little did they know, televisions especially without the guidance of adults can affect the minds of the children with unwarranted notions. Television being the one of the most powerful tool there is can simply impart conflicting ethics in the minds of the children

Transgender issues, being gays or lesbians, having s*x with who ever they want are gradually being accepted into our society which go against with our Islamic ethics. These children find those odd disgraced behaviours as normal things that every one has the right to do. What the heck. No wonder kids at the age of 10 are already having open relationships, chatting with strangers and eventually committing adultery. (sorry for my inappropriate usage of words). The norms of society are being conflicted with immense awful inputs. Most of the inputs are created by the westerns as to destroy the minds of us Islam children. 

I am not afraid to voice out my opinions but I believe that Glee, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., 90210 and many more are extremely inappropriate with our culture but still they are aired in the television. I do agree that they did rate those series but I don't think teenagers over 18 will not be influenced with what they are watching. Our religion has strictly forbid us from looking let alone watching couples as though they are having s*x. Despite the alarming increasing number of baby dumpings and seem to be raising even more, they still air those conspicuous acts of accepting the westerns deceiving infusion. 

How on earth can this be good for the children well-being. You have got to be kidding me.
Those series and no I'm lambasting them, are making teenagers more and more confused with their genders and made them want to try those awful acts. Just imagine us living in the world where there is no advent of modern technology to spoil our minds and instill a rancorous mentality of the glut usage of them, we will soon realise that our time are used to devoting themselves to getting closer to Allah almighty. I bet no child in the world would disobey their parents when the latter mourn that their children go to pray and say "wait ma/dad, the story's almost finished' nor will the children even try to do what the westerns do as they are not well-exposed to the so-called beaming culture and society.

Truth be told, the westerns are better off having their cultures to themselves. We initially clicked on the remote having nothing in mind except to spend few minutes watching television but once we found the right one, we will start to engross in them without realising how those can creep into our mind slowly infusing the sense of acceptance and awhh, it's-okay-kind-of-thing. Clearly it depicts how their efforts are no foolish strategies to restrain us from our pure beliefs, and perpetually deviating our faith to a mere none. 

I'm not saying that I don't watch television nor the programs they air but I really don't want our generation to become worse. I rarely see happy news being shown now. In fact, the latest news about a girl who just graduated went having a naked photoshoot with a man. He is also naked! They both hug each other being proud with what they are doing and what I despised the most was the fact that they're if I'm not mistaken are all from Islam community. I don't think that I'm obligued to stating their names but you can go and google it. They are the hottest controversy right now being slightly on top of the Ariff Alfian's supposedly gay marriage. Storms brew when that news aired, embarrassing not only the Malaysians but also us Islam.

Au revoir!

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