Thursday, December 27, 2012

Simple Update

I found this one lovely blog which is constantly posting informative stuffs and that had me thinking, 'could I be good as him?'. No, I will never be the exact twin to him but I will make him as my idol of a great person. He is exceptionally genius! Perhaps all of those deceiving images and glimpses of him studying were the fact that he had surreptitiously done some handful research. His knowledge about the world is great and profound with much depth regarding the global occurrences. I was even awed due to the fact that he has a good command in English both in written and communication wise.

Every sentence he wrote depicted the sheer knowledge he has and how determined he was to share them to all of his readers. I greatly look up on his talents and hardworks. He used to be my senior in school and he still is despite being outside of the realm of schooling. He had greatly imparted the knowledge he has through his kenness in writing well-contrived essays. He with his ultimate tool of knowledge will be happy enough to re correct the misinterpreted notions of people upon seeing a viral news via the mass media.

This post is pretty much dedicated for his ingenuit and to his glorious art of writing. I am going to read as much as possible so that I would become as knowledgable as him.

Au revoir.

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