Thursday, December 27, 2012

Learning from the pasts

Damn it, I should have not bother reading other people's blog. Why did I ever try looking at their result. Now, I'm just nervous. No, I'm not denying that I do have this rather uncertainties about my SPM result but I have to always stay positive and pray for the best.

I did some reading on those who had qualified themselves to be awarded scholarships and they are prolific students with outstanding curricular achievements culminating into one perfect candidate for their desired scholarships. I envy those people but at the same time, I am motivated and all gear up, ready for the rigorous stages. Constantly reading was the only possible activity I could do during my phases as an official SPM-leavers. tried reading to those blogs regarding results and their achievements, it awed me to their exceptional capabilities. That was one of their ground reason why they got those scholarships.

Allah has each provided us with our own rezeki and it is up to us next in order for us to realise those things. Perharps, praying a lot more would do the trick. These days, my heart isn't feeling calm, surrounded with anxiety and bad omens. Only god know how my mind is playing tricks on mind. At night, I was supposed to get a good night rest but the dreams were pestering my head with unwarranted images of me failing. Naudzubillah.

Stay positive! Never loose hope! Set your target and look ahead never look back. Only refer to those that you can educate yourselves. Those dreams weren't going to dampen my hope of achieving what I hope, in fact, it had boost my spirit to strive my dreams. 9A+ please it be on my slip when I receive my result. There was one time that I dreamt that I had to retake the exam over and over again because I kept on failing. When I got up, you can't imagine how relieved was I to know that it was all a dream. 

Stressing out about the problems you experienced is not the best remedy. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let go a few puff, counting to ten will definitely ease the problems that have been boggling your mind with its predicaments. Really, after I thought it through, I realise those blogs made me even more alert and always to improve myself until I see melioration. Determination can urge anyone to succeed unless you stop it from helping you. Those blogs and webpages were really informative and though it made me a bit uneasy  but I learnt a lot from it.

Au Revoir!

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