Wednesday, December 26, 2012


In life, we are bound to making mistakes. People who always achieve success and never fail at what they're doing risk failure worst than others. We learn from our mistakes, making sure that we don't repeat the them. At least as we grow older, we can become even more matured.

Learning from others' mistakes and avoiding ourselves from doing the same thing are considered as the best way of maturing in life. It all will culminate to turning out to be one of our most powerful assets in life.

That is why we need to know and learn about our history, the history of mankind, the history of our ancestors. Thousands of archaic history are best known for their values and the story behind to it. We can learn infinite of lessons evokes the eyes of the reader at how calamities have brought down every great civilisation.

The remains thrive from the ashes giving birth to the successors of the old. We have witnessed the the ruins of the great civilisation and the incarnation of the same. There are bound to be many more of civilisations that we have yet to discover and learn what they have to tell us.

Making mistakes is one of the essence of life. We grow older from, learning through myriads of possible ways. Never stop educating ourselves and others in order to succeed in what we do.

Au revoir!

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