Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Roti Canaier

how there! well, long time haven't seen you guys. actually i've just come back from my school. and now i've moved to a new home at Selangor. the house is quite nice but i need time to get use to the new environment. the room is quite nice and spacious. well what i could do right now is trying to adapt with the new situation and find time to get to know the neighbourhood. well, you know me, i'm not that good in making new friends but ill try my best to.

enough of that, actually last week my school had this what you call, as an activity week. in this week, they only allow you to have fun and there is no study session at all. so i was having a lot of fun participating in the activities but unfortunately a week before that i wasn't feeling well enough to prepare for that week. actually a week before that is the examination week so, after a week of frustration, we could release the tension by having fun during the activity week.

so let us look at the activities we had. one of them was making roti canai and teh tarik. well, i took part in making the roti canai. actually, i never in  my life did such thing so i was quite clueless but i tried to keep myself calm and try to do my best in what i do. so it was my turn, and i managed to practice before presenting my work (making roti canai).

As soon as the song played, I swung that dough up in the air, trying as hard as I could, avoiding it from breaking apart. It could rupture easily if I did not put an effort to swing it gently but then I saw little horrible stretch marks on the roti canai, giving me the signal to stop swinging so hard and let it loose. I was they say lost in the rhythm of the music. I danced to the sung. I never thought that there would be some supporters who would come and show their earnest support to me. Who else if it is not my own classmates. Haha

I prefer not to talk what happen next by one thing that I could tell you is that then it was the judgement time. I remembered tucking in the bits hanging on the side of the roti canai, hiding the holes so that it would look deceivingly perfect. At least the judge believed it, I think so. The result came the latest of all the events on that night. I remembered going about in the open hall, looking at other activities. I also went looking for the event of Teh Tarik. It was extremely funny when they tried every tricks in order to arouse the judges' interest on them.

Walking around continuing to wander cluelessly didn't not know what to do next. I recalled eating roti canai with my friend and no they were not the ones we made. hehe. At last, it the time for the result. out of hundreds of participants (it was actually 30) I got the second place! Who knew, I had the talent to make roti canai. This is what you call as a hidden talent and it could definitely give me an upper hand when I want to work at a roti canai store.

Au revoir!

p/s : i found this post in the draft and i continued the writing. maybe that's why it's weird I could not let it continue rotting in the draft, won't we?

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