Monday, December 24, 2012

Mother's Love

Have we ever thought of how life would be so miserable without our mothers' presence in the house? Just imagine one day, not seeing them, we would be going all nuts and could not even stop thinking about them. They have dedicated their whole life, taking care of us, making sure that we would be happy and never stop smiling no matter how sad we are. 

Being a mom is not as easy as we thought it would be. Try shouldering the responsibility regardless if you are a  man, soon you'll realise your life are becoming topsy-turvy, all upside down. That one earnest feeling of love and care is what kept them doing what they did. They bared us for 9 months and went into the most agonising session of giving birth. Once we are born, love bound us together. 

Seeing us shedding our tears, our moms would never rest until we get a smile back on our faces. They come into you room every day without you even realising it, looking at our faces. Your presence in the house made them happy. Nothing in this world would ever replace that one special smile on your face. They never do stop thinking about us so why do we? When ever we raised our tone to them, their hearts are being torn to pieces of disappointment. 

Apology is not enough to solve the problem. It is love that will only make them forgive you. Thus, every time you get into an argument, run to them, hug them tightly and say that you always love them. Never ever stop loving the person who had risked their life giving birth to you. Nothing is more special than a mom's love.

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