Saturday, December 22, 2012

Murder acts

Have you ever met someone who likes to see blood? The gaiety depicted from their expression upon witnessing the death or the agony of a person proves to show how they are mentally ill  and capable of committing the exact similar action to others. The tendency varies with the people depending on several factors. Much so this is when you're faith and belief are being challenged.

You must have watched a lot of serial killer movies, haven't you? The most common series would be the crime scene investigation. They contrived murder in scrutinizing details that there are few which made it hard for the officers to even solve. The big question is what incites them into doing what they did? Did someone evoke them? Or is it that they are just simply seeking pleasure out of it?

No matter what their motives are, it is an outcry that the people want their safety to be ensured. Now then, why don't we sink in the minds of those people and try to understand what catalyse them to even commit those cruel actions. Most common reason what made them who they are would probably be the history of their childhood. They could simply be abused by their parents that it had planted the seed of hatred on the minds of the children. Some children would even feel that there is nothing wrong in wounding people and instead they see it as a pleasurable thing to do.

Exposing the children with much violence can also induce the wild behaviour in the children. This can be in a form of joy that we don't realise the real effect it brings to the mental development of the children such as games, movies and even when their parents are killing a fly without remorse. It had instilled a wrong input and can be wrongly interpreted even misleading the minor things that we see as something alright to do.

No, I'm not condoning those mentally ill people who commit crimes due to their parents fault. There are also other factors which have caused the children into turning out to be murderous killers when they grew up. Scientifically speaking, it could also happen because of genetic factors. There are few cases that the genes can mutate caused by external factors. Radiation can be on top of the list. The baby bared could grow up to become hyperactive and could hardly differentiate what is best for them and what is not.

We on the other hand are lucky to be growing up in a conducive environment that we do not develop to becoming those people that we are afraid of. Come to think of it, if we had not been cared of and loved we would also have the chance of being that person. We deprived ourselves from accepting the pleasure in life. In spite,the modern life we are living now, these people are still living around us; it's just that we don't really know if they are really capable of doing those inhumane acts.

au revoir!

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