Saturday, December 22, 2012

writing is the way of life

i find it to be really easing when it comes to writing something. the sky's the limit and i can write what ever i want and when ever i can. for me, every writer, they have their own secret and story to tell. regardless if you're a talented writer or not, what's important that you use writing as your way of expressing yourself to the crowd. it pretty much occurred to me of how important it is for me to read as much as i can in order to generate ideas, creative enough and to hone my writing skills.

what i like the most about writing is that you are free to write anything that comes into mind and can simply jot it down on a piece of paper. it is simple yet very satisfying. come to think of it, when i was about the age of 12 or so, i hated writing, despised every second of my time spent to squiggle a pointless word on a dull piece of paper. it was soon that i learnt to appreciate the essence of writing and how much i would benefit from it. it is not simple for you to write something that is valuable to you or to your readers. no matter how hard you try, the value in your essay could simply degrade over time as people would get bored of reading the same material over and over again. but what matters the most is the quality and the history behind every writing.

you could not apprehend something just by evaluating through your senses. it requires much of your time so that you could engross in a writing, understand the real meaning behind to it and learn to appreciate the effort that has been put into writing a complete essay. even 3 words on a piece of paper could signify hundreds of thousands of meanings depending on the people's views. i could give an example "i hate you". if i were to be translating it with my stereotype thinking, i would dully understand it as an expression of hatred being conveyed to the reader. but if i were to use my imagination, i could try to translate it as something cynical or an act of fooling around that it doesn't have to mean hatred but just a way of joking around with words.

that is why it is important for the youth today, for them to express their feeling on a piece of paper rather than being too attached with technology. playing games would not do the trick. at least this can reduce the stressful lifestyle of a teenager and avoid them from committing suicide which has been a pandemic. not only that, you could also gain profit from writing. many of the people get involved in submitting their articles to the newspaper or sending their essays to a book company so that they can be published. the satisfaction which comes from the readers is undeniably awesome and this is why most people would love to write.

au revoir!

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