Friday, December 21, 2012

The World Scholars Cup - part 1

i think i want to share one of my greatest moments in MRSM PC. i was not quite sure where was i, at that time but i received this one message. "you, nini, me, please be at taman ilmu after magrib. if possible make an announcement." yeap i was quite stunned and exceptionally surprised that i had to wait after this. the only thing that came into mind was that it must have something to do with debate.

right after that, i went to Taman Ilmu and saw this group people, gathering already. it clearly meant that i was late or they were just too early. either way, i managed to come before they even begun to discuss. there were 2 people whom i never saw before. she was nadhirah syahmi and that one guy, i forgot his name. sorry. anis nadhirah as the team leader had told me that i was going to represent the school in the world scholar's cup competiton.

this is when i would like to give you a bit of introduction on why i am so glad that i was chosen to represent this well-renown  competition. it all started my seniors confronted the principal that they're willing to pay for the expenses with their own money and that they will do their best in the upcoming competition. they managed to convince the mr principal to allow them to compete and they proved they were no liars either. they were chosen as one the teams from the malaysian which will be competing in the global round. it included people from all around the globe.

they were lucky enough to even be selected as one of those team. this competition in its essence itself does not only involve one's debating skills but also requires much depth in knowledge and pure talent to publicly speak. they gave you about 8 quite thick books which you could easily obtain through the internet. these books are to be read and memorised or not you won't be able to answer the questions they gave you later on.

the competition itself has several rounds, each with its purpose to test on the different aspects. first you'll be gathered into this one room and they'll give about 150 objective questions. after that you are required to write an argumentative essay depending on what motions you are given with. there are no definite value or the length of your essay but they want you to be wise and critical enough to give substantial arguments on your side.

then you'll have to debate. there are 3 frustrating round. most of the time, you are always tensed, pestered by the annoyance of people going about with their points. last but not least, it will be the time where they test you on your buzzer-clicking skills. theyre 5 different sections compiled with questions made from those thick books i told you earlier.

well, that is a bit of introductory essay on world's scholar cup. i'll be updating soon with my experience competing in this event.

au revoir!

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