Thursday, December 20, 2012

driving lessons

this morning i had my driving lesson and it was boring. just imagine you have to drive along the track with a speed too slow to even begin with,being guided every single time when i reached the turning corners. he never did put a trust in me to try to turn by myself. not just that, he himself had fallen asleep several times. i was like quite shocked of his blatantly bored expression.

what made me even mad was that i did not even get the chance to press the speed pedal. the fastest speed that i could go was merely 5kmh. believe me, it was an outrage of disappointment with what has been appointed to me that was supposed to be enjoyable and i could not even experience a slight melioration at my driving skills.

other than those dull lessons, i was also disappointed that i wasn't given enough time to drive and by the time i was about to enjoy the lesson, he instructed me to stop and start to park. i wasn't even given the chance to climb those man-made hill which was supposed to be hiked by that car of mine. being a guy who tries to act polite, i forced a hypocrite smile on my face, signifying a fake gratification from his teachings.

not so much of a happy driver am i? but i did have little fun despite the lack of vigour depicted by the instructor to very much even sculp my driving skills into a commendable progress if not perfect. i learnt how to curve at every turn with a speed to be ashamed with. learning parking was the fun bit actually. sheer concentration was needed as i had to be alert with the car's condition or the engine would suddenly turn off.

there were a couple times that i did make mistakes but that was because that i was too tensed and can't be patient. i guess, i was too excited to park. it was then i know that there's this sneaky knack to parking actually. it was a technique which i praised at. needless to say, as a whole it sucked but at least i got the chance to drive a car. and it wasn't the typical kancil car. i got to  drive other cars. there is not much different but you need to be aware of the changes in the clutch before you could drive.

au revoir!

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