Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Exam!

just a little bit of update on whats happening to my life recently. so i took the exam which was tiring as i had to wait for a very long queue. i remember that there were 40 people waiting before it was going to be my turn. just imagine being stuck to your chair unable to do nothing but only to look and have a glance at the people there. there were lots of different expression being depicted from their faces after theyve finished the exam. some were happy with the outcome and some were upset and depressed that they failed the exam.

i on the other hand was jauntily texting with my friends. i remember searching and clicking on that sturdy buttons of my phone, trying to find the right person for me to have a descent conversation. the first person that came in mind was syahirah. i texted her and she replied, and kept on accompanying me from my boredom. after that i tried to text other people. there were akim and also izwan. they were nice enough to keep me busy before it was my turn to go into the not-so frightening room.

i perpetually clicked on my phone, making annoying clicking sound that i was pretty sure that the girl behind me find it a bit irritating. but then who cares, im bored you know. truth be told, i myself was a bit irritated with the people around me. there was this one chinese girl with no manner and an ugly face, sitting on that one place where we would want to have a look on the sample questions but yet she sat there to herself ignoring the pissed expression that i tried conveying to her. well, she might be blind.

nevertheless, the time flew quite fast if not, moderate enough that i was shocked to know that i sat there for almost 3 damn freaking hours! it was then my turn to do the exam. i went to the receptionist who handled the finger analysing thingy and had my thumb scanned. next, i had to have my picture taken and i was positive that i made an ugly expression. nevertheless, i was never meant to take nice picture at all.

went into the room with an open mind, i keyed in my id and started to click the answers. there were some confusing question that i didnt recall reading any of that. but i was pretty sure that i could get full mark. by the time i hit the finish button i was shocked and slightly disappointed with the result but to say the least i passed the exam. i went out of the room feeling ungrateful with my result when i should have been so happy that i passed the damn exam. HAHA. but i guess i will never find anything satisfying as long as it is not up to my expectation.

yeah, i forgot to tell you that there was this one guy who talked to me. he told me that that was the 3rd time he went for the examination. outside of the building, i waited for my father to come and fetch me. then he came and told me that he didnt pass. i could see it in his eyes of how sad he was. i should be more grateful with what i get. looking at the guy, it reminded me of how i would sometimes feel unsatisfied with what i got even though it wasn't that bad. i should be looking at it from a different perspective and learn how to appreciate the tiniest accomplishment that i achieved.

au revoir!

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