Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Palestine The Gaza Strip

a guy armed with weapon was involved in a recent massacre which took the lives of more than 20 people and they are mostly of the age of 5 to 7. this happened in US. the people are already mourning and crying over this matter. i am not trying to simplify this big issue but just look at them crying over the death of their children. but have they ever thought or even showed any concerns to what's happening in Gaza? what's even sadder when the parents themselves have to bear everyday seeing their children died in the constant bombardment.

millions of live have been dead due to the non-stop bombing by the israelis and some even lost parts of their bodies and yet the israelis are still not satisfied with what they have done to the palestinians. sorry for being so simplistic but US has always showed their full support to the israel providing them the weapons they need. i guess my knowledge aren't that much but what i do know is Hamas which is an Islamic body and had been classified as a terrorist organization by the US and israel.

Hamas has won the parliamentary election to rule the government of the Gaza strip in 2006. due to the clashes that happen between Hamas and israel, bomb attacks were launched and it lasted until today. i guess both of them have their points of attacking each other but i am merely worried with the civilians because they are the ones who are being mostly affected by the ever constant attacks. i am now seeing the people of Gaza  have to be living in a constant terror, terrified by the bomb launches.

despite the agitation, the Gaza people still tried to protect their believes and their jihad to their religion. they threw stones at the israel soldiers and fought them with the help of their bare hands. i see true jihad here. and i am particularly sad when i see my islam brothers had to suffer from this never-ending issue. i am now trying to show my concerns and devote myself to this matter. i had done several research of my own and i still don't really get what's really happening.

the issue about palestine did not happen in a mere day but it happened since centuries ago. there are lots for me to digest but i will try my best to understand this. i am not going to stand still and do nothing when my brotherhood of islams are being threatened every day. i am going to pray for their betterment and hope that it all will end soon. i believe that soon the good will always triumph.

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