Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Driving License

yeah, i am extremely happy today because i just got a new ID. though the picture is not that satisfying but who cares, ill be getting a new ID anyway next year. my birthday is on feb so i only have about 2 months before i get a new one.

immediately after getting my new brand ID, i fetch my phone and quickly give a call to PSM academy. i ask the earliest date for me to have my driving exam and she said that its on this saturday. i would have loads of time to study and to prepare myself with the exam. most of the feedback that i got, they say that the exam is not that hard after all you just need to answer the 500 questions they gave you after the 5 hours course.

i was told that i need to wear appropriate clothing, shoes and a shirt with a collar. i also need to bring along my ID, and 10 ringgit for a picture. i just can't wait to have the exam so that i could learn how to drive as soon as possible. if possible i want to get all correct but im not that kind of person who loves to open a book and constantly stare at it. i would then get this very agonising headache. i have a story to that actually.

well on the other end of the spectrum, my friends and i, we went to a mall and stumble upon a glasses store. so i decided to the a check up on my eyes. then i got the result it says that i am longsighted. close objects appear fuzzy to me and if i read to long i will start to feel a bit dizzy. yeah, when i told my friends about that they said that i'm old because only old people has that thing.

i don't quite care because i don't have to wear any glasses but i am still advised to take care my sight because if i continue to be like that i will hard time to see close distance objects. well, i think that's all, hope that i'll pass the test with flying colours. hehe.

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