Monday, December 10, 2012

Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)

here i now share you a fantastic knowledge that i just got through my addiction at watching TV. i just learnt that our earth is constantly facing a threat from the outer space. i am sure that some of you would think that aliens are about to attack our planet but i beg to differ.

did you know that, our earth are being threaten by the sun itself and the wrath that it brings is unbearable for most of the earth inhabitants. can you imagine living in your house without the electricity for weeks or even months? yeah, i bet some of you would go frantically insane without electricity as it offers us with myriad benefits that some of us simply take for granted constantly.


sun generates solar flares that happen due to the magnetic field disturbance in the core of the sun. with this solar flares, they could last for days and even weeks and it will come to a point where they would twist and turn which disrupts the poles and causes the emission of large photons in the outer space. several of these photons are projected at random angle and even can be directed straight to the earth's surface.

when this happen, there are two indefinite possibilities which had been proposed by most of the world scientists. the photons are flung into outer space creating a ball of electricity and acts as a shield of poles. if these poles were to be directed exactly to the same poles of the earth, we are save from any harm as the earth had dodged the catastrophe it poses. but if the opposite were to happen instead the magnetic field of the earth would simply amplify the photons and accelerate it directly to the earth atmosphere creating a surmountable electric disturbance to the generators, power grids and even transformers.

when this do happen, our earth will be facing problems of not having the supply of electricity which can last for months. other than this, the people around the world would witness the beautiful threads of luminous light in the sky called aurora. but after a few minutes this colourful threads will soon turn out to be large electric shocks that can cause fires all around the world. we would then see thousands and thousands of monuments and building being engulfed in the blazing inferno. short circuits, fires, and the bright flashes can be a huge disaster!

now, scientists are finding ways to predict the next coronal mass ejection (CME) to occur and strike the earth with its enormous power. the last recent occurrence happened in february 2012 but the earth managed to avoid from being struck by the raging photons due to the alignment of the earth's magnetic poles with the photons'. scientists predict that the next maximum solar flare to occur in 2013. experiments and researches are being done constantly but we can now only hope that nothing bad would happen.

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