Sunday, December 9, 2012

pre-university programs

i am torn between two right now. i do not know whether i should further my studies in IB or opt for A-levels instead. both are inexplicably hard but A-levels is more to exam-oriented kind of education. would i prefer to go for something that would challenge both your skills and your brains or only decide to go for something that is more specialised. i heard neither of them would require you to go for diploma after that. so this is also a pre-university kind of thing.

okay just look at the options. there are two different kinds of education which are the government and the other one is private. so with government you have several options that you could choose. they are matriculation, foundation or as they call it as ASASI, and also Form 6. so for private they have IB, A-levels and college foundation. from these options i've narrowed down to 2 but it depends yet again on my result which burdens me a bit.

i need to rethink the options that i have if my result is not that convincing. but before that i would love to share you a bit on what i got after a hell-of-a-series of searching. so government options are not what i would opt to but i guess i would have no choice but to accept on what had been laid out to me if my result were to be very disappointing. but for now, i am more interested in furthering my studies into a private education as they had prepared you with ample programs and challenges for you to face later on.

IB and A-levels:_
-this is the type of program that suits the people or the school leavers that have yet to decide on what course they would like to embark in to. one more thing, this program also gives you the chance to later further your studies in ivy league universities which are top ranked. that's why i am a bit interested with these options instead.

college foundation:_
-if you already decide on what course you would like to pursue, i would recommend you to try this one because this is more specialised on your course and they prepare you before going to your desired universities. this is i supposed would definitely get the attention of those who are interested in studying at a fast pace because you only a need a year or so to finish studying.

out of these three, A-levels is the longest but it'll only take 18 months. for me that's not that long but u need to always bear in mind as these options revolved on a two year kind of syllabus based education and it is packed in a very short period of time. for a students who are not too keen of learning that fast, i think these program are not your cup of tea. i would recommend you to try diploma instead because this will take 3 years. you would have ample time to study and not to have to be worried if you make mistakes along the way.

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