Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nothing much

you know what, i thought that i wouldnt have any problem getting my license ready but guess what, my id card was said to be unusable anymore. it made me mad a little bit because i had to postpone my exam to a later date. i just hate it.

i saw most of friends are already learning how to drive but me, i'm still no where near to that. one more thing, i was supposed to renew my id card today but it rains so heavily that it retarded the whole process. my father was the kind of guy who just doesnt like to get wet so i told him we could do this tomorrow if the rain persists to be like that.

so i am back again in my house with nothing to do but to watch tv. it just bothers me to think that i would continue to be like this for a longer period of time. it even saddens me to think that i would not have the chance to get my braces on. i heard that my father is still waiting for the right person to call him.

what a bad day i guess. hope it'd better be good tomorrow or else i would never get to renew my id card.

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