Saturday, December 8, 2012


this is a post where i would like to express all of the feelings that has been bundling up in me. well it all comes to this one particular person. i developed a feeling of hatred towards him. Sorry.

i just cant stand people who love to express their notions on things without even a second think the impact that it might bring after that. he had to at least think of what others might think towards him if he keeps on posting thing like that. i know everyone has their own opinions but he needs to know where is the right place for him to express his feeling and the right way to express it.

he keeps on criticising on what others are doing but he neglected the fact that the person he had opposed is actually the same religion as his. he might think what he's doing is right but its actually not! he is perfectly full of himself and he forgets that what he's going to say might bring more harm than good. i thought our education system had taught us well in treating other people but i guess not. it all comes back to the family background who raised him!

he talks like he knows everything but his own family doesnt wear hijab and yet he has the guts to give religion based comments. it just pissed me off to even think about him. well, i texted some of my friends about him. yeah, i think just let him rot with his ego. i guess people like that should be given the chance to continue be living in the world of his own so that sooner or later he'll realise what he did was actually wrong.

I HATE HIM. sorry.

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  1. haha. i pun rase geram dengan dia ni. benci. he said im vain. wth