Tuesday, December 4, 2012


this time around, i would like to share you one of my memorable memories. it's about a debate competition that i went to during july. it's the ASEAN debate competition.

you can't imagine of how shocked was i to know that i actually won the whole competition. YEAH!

i was THE THIRD speaker, A WHIPPER i supposed. i still could remember the first and the second round of the debate, NINI was in ( i cant because i was not feeling well ).

but in those two round our team won all the rounds but when i decided to debate again we lost in the third round. WTHECK! it had tarnished my spirit but that would not simply dampen my spirit to win completely. i knew i still had it in me so i gave it all out in the fourth round. GUESS WHAT ? - we won.

the 5th round we also won it. and i was too nominated as the best speaker at that round. just imagine how excited was i to know that. hehe. again at the quarter finals i wasnt feeling well so forfeited in the last minute. NINI got in and yet we still win.

but when its semi final Nini really wanted me to be in, and i promised her that. when its semi final i gave all that i got and the moment of truth it was the announcement , drum rolls please....

the motion was that street demos does not bring any solution so the motion falls! (I was the opposition) tears streamed down my cheeks as i couldnt believe what i heard. i hugged the man on the other team. what the fish! it feels so unbelievable for even getting into finals. it was all a dream back then.

so the finals. the motion THBT it is time for ASEAN to have a parliament. i was nervous as hell. just looking at the audience made me like to vomit but i braved myself and took that mic. i grabbed it confidently and i spoke non-stop. i blabbered all the way and i believe that some of the things that i said did not even make any sense. HAHA.

it was the announcing of result time. with margin 1.3 it was very very close and jury 6 to 2. MRSM PENGKALAN CHEPA won the debate. I WAS SO SHOCKED and i felt like crying!!!

additional info - this competition was held at MRSM Felda Trolak and several other countries joined the competition as well such as indonesia, thailand, brunei.

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