Friday, November 30, 2012


Title: Chance
Author: Muhammad Husaini bin Ab Aziz

  There she is, an angel-like figure leaning against the rustic wall too worried with my condition. I lay my head on that fluffy pillow with her as my company and a smile arch on her tantalizing lips as she stare at me while I try to close my eyes.

  It all started a year ago when no one in this world would have ever thought that a person like me would even exist. I, myself did not ever put an effort to distinguish myself from others but yet i know back then i was special. But for me it was all a curse. i was given a talent so special that anyone would want to have it. Those who crave for it would do anything even perhaps kill other people in having what I have. As morbid as it could be i had no other choice but to accept and live on with my mundane life.

  But, it changed when my love ones died leaving me alone to rot by myself. Everyday i wished i was dead like all of the people that i knew did. a part of me was about to accept it but once my wife was also lost in a battle of surviving, i began to develop an anger in myself, burning in me as well as ruining my life. Age was the one who won the battle. It was all a fairy tale to me to be living happily ever after. One day, i drove my car, curving at every turn with a gloom in my heart. There it was finally. i accelerated my car and swerved into a ram and my car plummeted into a stupendous ravine. i saw no end to it.

  The faces of the people that i knew throughout my life started to flicker before my eyes very vividly. The last one was my beloved wife. In the end the car crashed to the ground and it was engulfed in a blazing inferno, burnt at every inch. The fire too devoured my skin into oblivion and the weirdest thing was that i did not feel any pain. i could not feel anything at all. Shedding tears as all of my dwelled past began to haunt me with its festering view; i looked helplessly at my window as it shattered into tiny pristine pieces. my hands was still at the steering wheel so I curved my car randomly.

  A big tree came in view and at that time I hoped that my wish did come true. blood continued to drain out from my body as the car kept on driving itself towards the tree. it then hit the tree and a long hard branch penetrated deeply into my chest and the back of my spine. I was about to fall into a deep slumber for an eternity. My eyes closed and my heart stopped beating.

  Before long, a man came to me. I heard nothing except for a discordant tune at my ears which I later recognized it as the sound of an ambulance. A midget man came to me and I was so sure that he was stunned to look at my condition but one thing for sure he was brave enough. I could feel the beating of his heart as he pulled the branch out from my chest with great vigour. Nightmare struck before me at once the log that which had taken my life before was freed from piercing my chest.

  My heart started to beat again and slowly I regained my consciousness. My eyes opened at the sight of being in front of a blurry unrecognised man and his face was shocked to see my horrifying condition. I was beyond recognition but it was temporary as my skin started to emerge with a new flesh, even more perfect than before. My darkened figure due to the fire alternated with appearance of a lighter skin to skin.

  Drawing a steadying deep breath, my feet jerked and my hands moved with little tremors as I healed completely. The man who stood before me did not believe his eyes as I managed to recover from the wrath of that horrible accident. He moved three steps back and stumbled upon a root that emerged from the bloody ground and tripped over. Standing back up, he ran away as if he saw a ghost. I could not release myself as I was still stuck to the back of my seat.

  Minutes passed, I heard murmurs of disturbing voices heading towards me. Struggling, I pulled myself out but it was too late. A group of people looked at me as though I was a circus freak and a shot of a tranquilizer was enough to put me back to sleep. I gained my vision and clearly saw myself chained to the bed and three figures examining me, scrutinizing at every inch of my body. Startled, I tried to scream but my mouth was shut closed by a tight mask.

  Till then, I have always been locked up in that room, segregated from the rest of the community. I start to lose track of time. In the end this beautiful girl came to me and she declared herself as my great granddaughter. Since then, she would always pay a visit and she stood herself against the wall, looking after me. I close my eyes with a note of relief as I know that she is also given a chance to be like me.


p/s : any corrections or any ideas of improvement would do great. feel free to drop ur comments. i am still in a phase of improving my second based language which is english. thanks for reading.

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