Friday, November 30, 2012

it's a new spirit. :)

now that SPM's out of the way, i could have all the time in the world. i could have ample time to renew my blog and even post more about my school. i was beginning to think i would never have anything chance to blog anymore. but then when spm's over, i felt a sheer of relief as well as content.

i promise if and only if i dont feel lazy, i would try to update more about the things that ive done throughout my life living in mrsm pengkalan chepa. there were ups and downs but mostly ups. i once felt sad living there but when i prayed to god, everything seemed to become easier. it was like that i went to a new place. ill tell you then about that. right now, im planning to spruce this blog up a little bit. maybe i make few changes with the template or even maybe try to change my blog's name to something else.

well, i plan to make this as a place for me to share my story. ill try my best to become even more diligent in posting new stuffs. but what the heck, i dont even know what to do during my moments of being free. i might as well blog right? it brings pleasure and i can always improve my english in doing this right? hehe.

well see you then. until next time. btw ill try my best to make this blog even more interactive and not boring. ill try to even publicise my blog so that more people would come and visit it. hehe . bye :))

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