Saturday, August 10, 2013

Life as a Matriculation Student

For those who didn't know I am now officially a matriculation student. Well, no drum rolls for that because I don't think it's that shocking considering how I was in dire need of attention that I posted every single sadness and my oppression in this little blog of mine.

Actually, I hadn't seen the big picture before I entered matriculation that I thought it was the end of the world for me and that I had nothing else but to be discouraged and to lose hope but now everything finally changed drastically! I found out that it is much easier to start all over again than to continue on doing what you have difficulty in doing. It's like I'm learning SPM all over again but much more conceptual and theoretical. I had an awesome time. I got to meet new friends and create a new identity for myself and I can let all of the heartaches that I had before go and start anew with a brand new life's journal. No longer had I felt disappointed with myself but to amend what is current with myself.

I know that life is not always what you wanted but life always knows what's best for you. I had someone telling me before a story, that a mother will never let her son play with a knife even though how much her son insisted that he wants to play. She will always protect her child from any injuries especially ones that can be fatal. But the mother will try to make her son happy by giving him something else to play with- a toy. It applies here how life works. God loves us and that sometimes we act like that son, oblivious to the danger and only desire what we thought it's the best for us but in reality it might be the worst thing for us so God compensate the things that we didn't get with something much better.

There, I had a lot of fun laughing with my friends that I forgot all the sadness that used to revolve around me every single day. Each and every second me being there was a delight and my studies become into prominence when I managed to score in my previous trial UPS. but I took it nothing else but just as an exercise to further meliorate what I have already understood and fill in the loop holes that I have with my current understanding. But I must say, Biology for matriculation is quite tough because I still can't paint any picture in my mind of what kind of questions that they might give us. Other than that, everything seems fine so far and I hope that it'll continue on to be that way but who knows, if I start to procrastinate everything would just turned topsy-turvy again.

Well guys, I think that's all for now. I wish you all the best with your future undertakings and I wish all the muslims Happy Eid Fitr and may this year be a triumphant victory in what ever we do. Amin. :)

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  1. i don't know what you've gone through but whatever they were, it seems like they turned you into the wise person you are now. good luck! kimmy paid you a visit!