Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Currently in a state of happiness and joy. I downloaded a few reference books that might be handy when I'm in matriculation and I now understood why it is so hard to comprehend a certain topic in those books. Not because it's a lot to digest and it's not about how the sentences are narrated. The usage of words well to be honest, there are words that are not discernible but still dictionaries are always my best friend. So no harm in that. It's just now we're learning everything that is a theory, some are not proven to be in fact correct and it's just theory that we need to uphold for a moment while there's other proven theory being introduced. That's why these reference books are constantly renewed.

For me, I find it so hard to grasp a certain concept because it is not explained well. Because we are almost at the level where the things we learned are almost coming to an end and that we have to understand because it correlates to other chapters in our learning. It's very sophisticated of how those scientists could come up with those other relatively interesting ideas. Sometimes, I can't seem to understand the things I read and there are these black holes in my mind everytime I start to read which are in a hunger of a plausible explanation.

Sometimes you go to the lecturer and start asking those question, most of them would give us very obscured understanding because sometimes it came out as their sole opinions and not from the written reference. I don't blame them because there's no scientist who can prove to the existence of those ideas yet. Well, the fun thing about it is that, you know that you can still win a noble prize because there are still holes that you can fill in. To make it more understandable. Or introduce to the world a new way of looking to a certain problem. Capturing ideas no other people in the world would think of doing. These are the tangible benefits I find, what  makes me happy and very rejoiced. I know that I can still contribute because sometimes the world needs that. That one contribution that no one else can give.

There's a lot of theories and stories and explanations but no sheer facts are put into it. Sometimes the only thing that they can say that it's the law of nature and that it can not be put in a different manner. Most of the times, I see this as a flaw that needs fixing. It needs someone out there in the world to minimise the perceivable flaw and transform it into the finest theory there is. Well, when Albert Einstein introduced the theory of relativity it was merely a theory, an understanding which was contrived from his own opinion and can still be repudiated with other understanding or be made perfect with more substantiated explanations.

Even Stephen Hawking a very prominent physicist challenged the idea of going back into the past. In his article, it was written of how the idea of going back into time is quite impossible. The orthodox of it is that when the person who is from the present time would go back several years before, let's say 10 years in the past and suddenly buys a gun and shot his younger self, how can the older self still survive all this while? If time is like a straight path that it would be impossible to cross each other, how can that even happen? It's like  the present shouldn't have exist for that person because he died 10 years before.

So this ideas or in other words theories are always in need of fixing and that's why it so important for us to challenge certain norm, or status quo. We can't just keep on believing something that is right when it's actually not. We need not to succumb to our thoughts that we are incapable of doing it. It's possible if you just tell it to yourself that it's not impossible. It's the fact not somekind of notion that we believe that people often belittle themselves because there are people who are better than them. But that's the truth they are better than you, so what? You can be better than them to, it just needs some kind of twitching here and there and you're good to go.

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