Friday, July 7, 2017

Starting anew -AGAIN!

Luring people into reading what I wrote  has always been the hardest part about blogging. I also have that constant problem of writer's block where I don't know what to write and sometimes I even have this urge to not blog for a very long time. In this case, 3 years to be exact!

A lot has changed both physically and mentally for me and a lot has happened too! I'm not sure if you  are kept abreast of my current situation (I doubt you guys did), I am now a dental student at University of Malaya. It might also come  as a surprise to some of you that I did choose something unrelated to maths-Explaining this bit  would require another whole different post entry.

Putting unneccessary introduction aside, I decided to continue on posting stuff on this blog simply because my efforts of making a dental blog was all in vain. I was too lazy to write all the stuff I did in dental school. And the pressure and also the packed schedule were some of the definite reasons why blogging dental stuff and putting them out to the public might not sound so fun at all. I decided that blogging should not just be about me instead it should be a medium for me to impart messages that I might find profound and enlighting.

Currently, I am planning to change my life for the better. I want to stop acting like a child and just mature mentally because I am no more a teen I am a freaking 22 year-old man! I should start taking up resposibility stop making unreasonable excuses and pointing the fault on someone else and instead find ways to make better of the things I found to be hard and even discouraging.

Blogging might be an old-fashioned way considering how we now have youtube, facebook and the never ending instagram picture uploads, but I believe writing my thoughts and putting them out to the public has always been the best way of reaching out to you guys. I might not be a public figure, or even someone popular but I believe in making a change and this changes I want to do, I want to do them with you. I hope that with this first entry within the 3years time span, I can be true to my words and start becoming a resposible adult.

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