Friday, November 26, 2010

Can You Believe IT!? RM10 In only 10moths!

Hello! Nice meeting you again. I missed a whole day of blogging just for a load of craps. So don't mind me, I'm a little bit irritated. Huahuahua. Anyway, at first I felt slightly irritated but after I've found a blog that actually teaches you how to make as much phone calls and smss as you wish in 10 months time, I felt a little bit happier. I found it from momoii corner, so do pay a visit to this wonderful blog. So what do you think about the idea of only using 10ringgit for thousands and thousands of phone calls and smss in 10 months? Cool arrr??,,

And how fortunate, I'm going to teach you how you can set your phone to that such wonderful setting. So if I'm not mistaken(I'm trying to memorize what did momoii corner say). Firstly, she said that she knew this from an aunty that actually used to work at System Development Telecom. So she knows every bit of detail about crossing accounts. And she told her, never ever try to do this more than 3 times or else the system will automatically know and block your number.

So about the timing, you should do this maybe around the end of the month at around 3 a.m. because around this time, the system is  actually under maintenance. So there will be some loopholes.

The steps:-
  1. Firstly, of course you have to buy the top up, RM10.
  2. Then, you have to write < ** REC 10 >, and send it to 09901.
  3. Afterward, you'll then receive a message, containing 6 digits, serial number. Don't forget to jot it down.
  4. Then, type < ** REC 10> <123456> <
  5. Then, you'll get a reply supposedly saying like this "PUT YOUR TOP UP NUMBER". so you have to write your topup digits number that you have buy. Example : <01234567891023> and send to 09903.
  6. And lastly you'll receive a reply saying:- "Do you think this company is yours!? Do you think you can actually use RM10 for the rest of your life??? Even going into a toilet you have to pay 20 sen. WTF!"
And that's the story which momoii corner wrote. She even said sometimes you may even get some more harshly reply that can even make you shed some tears. Huahuahua. Thanks to MOMOII CORNER for this lovely story do visit her blog. Thanks. PEACE OUT!

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