Saturday, December 4, 2010

[Mini Album] T-ara - Temptastic (2nd Mini Album)

Hello! I'm back! Sorry for the long wait. I'm actually having a problem with my internet and to shorten it up, I'm ready to update this crappy blog again! So for this entry, I'm very happy to say that I'm going to post about T-ara's new album! So I've already changed the music for this blog. It's actually Ma Boo sang by the very hot korean girl group, T-ara. I'm quite sure that this song will pretty much win the hearts of the people. I hope so! This song is one of my favourites. Hope you like it too. 

This song is one of the songs in their second album which is TEMPTASTIC. You can try to download it. As usual, the link is already provided. You can try to download it after reading all the crappy stuffs I've put here. Or you can dish the reading and go straight to the downloading part. Below is the download link:-
T-ara - Temtastic

T-ara - Temptastic (2nd Mini Album)
Label: CORE Content
Release Date : 2010.12.01
Genre: Dance Pop
Language: Korean
01. yayaya - 타이틀
02. 왜 이러니
03. Ma boo
04. 몰라요
05. 괜찮아요
06. yayaya [Inst.]

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Hope you'll like this entry. Bye. Peace out!

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