Friday, November 19, 2010

I want that!

Hello! I hope everyone is fine and as for me, nothing different, fine as always. So actually, when I was thinking about my PMR result, I suddenly sparked an idea. The idea was actually if I were to ace my PMR, I'll try to persuade my father into buying a new mobile phone for me.

Actually, I have the money but it isn't enough for me to have the mobile phone that I've dreamt for a long time now. The lucky mobile phone would be sony ericsson vivaz. Nothing can stop me for achieving my dream which is to have that phone. I'll try my hardest to collect some money so that I can buy it.

And that's why I want to maybe persuade my father a little bit into giving me some money after I ace my PMR. I hope so or else I'll get stomp by my dad a few million times if I don't ace my test. Finger crossed that I'll get what I dream. Okay, below is my future handset and if you want to know more about this phone, you can try to visit the site that I've put below:-

...My DREAM phone...

For futher information please visit this site>>>

Okay bye. See you next time. Peace out!

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