Saturday, November 20, 2010

Organizing is the key to success!

Nice meeting u again. I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog all this while. As the title suggests, I am actually trying to organize my life so that it would be more punctual and organized. I am heading for better future. So the first thing that I'm going to organize is my email. Email is actually a very important tool. So I've decided that I'm going to use three emails.

This email is merely for fun. What I meant by that is, this email is for entertainment use only like facebook, yahoo messenger and other sites that I used. So if I get an email for one of the applications, I will instantly delete all of my emails in the mailbox. This would be a much easier job for me and besides I don't want any of my important stuffs to be sent to this email because it would be a hefty work for me to search all of my emails.

As you can see, this email is far shorter than my first email because actually I've made my first email when I was 12 years old maybe, so I still didn't know that long emails would be really annoying. And as for this email, I've made it about a year ago when I started blogging. So the first priority of this email is actually for blogging only.I will only use this email for blogging purposes only and some other applications that are related to blogging.

Actually this email is my newest email. I've just made it maybe about two hours ago. So this email is for my important stuffs only. Not for fun, no spams and no applications what so ever. This email is actually for formal uses and It would be much easier for me to use this email as it would not get mixed up with unimportant emails. Besides, it would be an easier task for me to delete the unwanted emails. So anything that is related to family, education or maybe someday if I was to apply for a job, I'll use this email.

Okay. Thanks for spending your time reading my post. Hope to see u next time. Till then, bye! Peace out!

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