Sunday, November 21, 2010

Orange Caramel - A~ing Second Mini Album

So I'm back! I hope that I have made your day be reading all of  my crazyyy posts.  And as for this post, I would love you to meet with a very cute group call Orange Caramel.  Orange Caramel is actually the sub-group for After School. This would be their second mini album. 

 From my point of view, I think, their songs are quiet catchy. This group consists of three beautiful Korean girls. Actually, I'm not really in the mood to introducing them one by one to all of you. SORRY. But if you want to know more about this group, you can try to google it, okay. 

So as you can see, below is their second mini album entitled A~ing. I've put it there so that you can try to hear and download their new album. But if you aren't intrigued enough, you can always try to watch it online first. So I've made your work easier by already providing you, youtube. Enjoy!



01.A~ing Heart 3:28
02.One Love 3:22
03.Yet... 3:31
04.Standing Here 3:40
05.A~ing Heart (Instrumental) 3:28

(And by the way, this download link is provided by So if you want to find some more other korean stuffs, try to visit that website)

{This is the official Orange Caramel music video which is A~ing. It's a very cute song so I think, the girls would really like to hear something like this. Enjoy!}

Okay that's all for now. See you next time. Bye.By the way, please don't mind my english. Haha... Peace out!

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