Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello.! Nice meeting you again. Actually, today I am again living to another boring life. Today was supposed to be my outing day with my friend but unfortunately, one of my friends canceled it because of some personal reasons. But for me the plan must go on so I decided to postpone this plan until tomorrow. Wehee..! And I've made sure that he will be going tomorrow. Huhu.

So I'm going outing maybe around 10a.m. sharp. tomorrow So, no more sleeping late at night for me as I've to wake up early tomorrow. Hopefully, I can sleep well tonight but of course before I go to sleep, I'll make sure that I've done updating this blog. So today, to summarize it all up, it was a very boring day, I don't have any interesting thing to do. Huhu.. But my 3D anaglyph spectacles just arrived yesterday. now I can enjoy myself to watching lots of 3d movies. 

Actually, I've already tried watching some video. And it totally worked! It was completely astounding. I've already watched 3D movies before but it doesn't work at all. But today, it has totally change my point of view from how phony can 3D be to 3D is real. Huhu. And did you know that Co-Ed -has released the first 3d music video for their company? You can try to watch it on youtube. Just search for Co-Ed - Too late MV 3D. And then it will  give some results so you have to choose wisely.

But first you'll need a pair of spectacles that you can get from any craft shops or you can try to do it yourself. Maybe tomorrow, I'll teach how to make your own 3D spectacles. 

This is what my spectacles looks like. So maybe tomorrow I'll teach how can you make your on 3D spectacles.

I think, that's all for now. C U next time. Bye! Peace out!

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