Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Making Your Own 3D SPECTACLES!

Hello! I'm back here again and ready to write an entry. As I promised earlier, I'll going to teach you, how to make your own 3D spectacles without the need to go to the store and buy it as 3D spectacles are really hard to find, nowadays. You have to follow the steps precisely so that you wouldn't make any mistakes when doing this. This is actually easy to do and fun to make so lets try it.

  • 2 cellophane papers ( 1 Blue and 1 Red )
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Your computer
  • A Printer
  • A4 paper ( Any colour you want )
(The template)

    • You have to first print out the template above which is provided by HTH ( DO VISIT THIS BLOG ) on an A4 paper or a thin sheet of white cardboard that had already been sliced into the size of A4 paper.
    • Cut the template.
    • Then cut out one piece of each of the red and blue cellophane papers a little bit larger than the hole of the eyes in the spectacles.
    • Next, tape the red and blue cellophane papers. And make sure that you remember to tape the cellophane paper exactly on their own side which is already been coloured.
    • And for you who don't know what is a cellophane paper is, cellophane paper is actually a clear and see-through sheet of plastic paper.
    • Lastly, fold the flaps on the earpieces and tape or glue to the glasses. You should fold the flap to their right way as shown in the picture below:-

    ( Follow the exact steps. The BLUE cellophane is for your right eye and the RED cellophane is for your left eye. )

    The example of the finished one.

    Your are officially done! Now you can relax yourself and enjoy the 3 dimensional view at your own computer. For your information, this type of 3D is actually called an ANAGLYPH 3D. The 3D that is used in the cinema is called POLARIZATION 3D which  uses a different kind of spectacles. So don't try to use this anglyph 3D spectacles in the cinema because it won't work. But I discovered, there is some cinema that is still using anglyph 3D.

    Enough of that, now you can try on your spectacles by searching some 3D pictures on the internet. Just googler the picture by typing the word 'anaglyph pictures'. Or you can find some wonderful 3D video on YOUTUBE. Just type the some word but instead of picture, you have to replace it with video. And I want to credit this entry  completely to HTH. Please visit this blog. There's tons of wonderful stuffs that you might enjoy. See you again. Bye! Peace out!

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