Thursday, November 18, 2010


HeYO! Nice meeting you again. I hope everyone had a great day today. As for me, same-o same-o. Nothing special. Actually, today, I was planning to go to KELANTAN, the best place ever, where my granny lives but my parent cancels it. WHAT A SHAME...~ But it's not the end of everything because my mother agrees that she, I mean, we are going to Kelantan tomorrow! Wohooo!

Tomorrow, I can finally breathe some fresh air. Besides, Kelantan is also known for its paddy field. But don't ever try to play in paddy field alone! It may seem calm but below the surface, it is full of creatures and if we were to be lucky, we can also see some snakes, gliding happily on the surface. Haha. Eventhough, my father is originally from Kelantan, then he moved to Terengganu, he never ever tries to bring me to the paddy field. I don't know why but it's a good thing! LOL.

For your information, my father has left my mother yesterday. NOT LIKE SEPARATED. I meant to say that my father has already went to Kelantan yesterday, leaving me and my mother alone at home. The plan was to bring my father to the bus station for his trip to granny's house and the next day, me and my mother will go to Kelantan with our car so that we can fetch him later.

Unfortunately, my mother felt a little bit sick so she decided to cancel the trip. But, but, she said that she are going tomorrow. And that's the real story. Fuhhhh~ *sigh*... So, nothing special about today. Wish me good luck that nothing is going to ruin my plan, OKAY? Thanks for spending your time reading my post. So see you next time..! Bye!~ PEACE OUT!

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