Tuesday, November 16, 2010

School is finally out!!!

Wohoo! Yesterday was the last day of schooling. Now, I can go on a holiday with my beloved family. This is going to be a very fun day for me. But actually tomorrow I've to go to my grandmother's house as I have to celebrate eid adha with my family there. I think, it is still going to be a whole bunch of fun.

I can meet with my relatives. Watch lots of wonderful shows on the TV. And watch cows being "decapitated" which is our tradition. NO, NO, NO! It's not like what you think. Not like you smash the cow's head and it will break into two, nor we use an axe to cut the cow's throat.

We just use some normal knife and slowly cut the cow's throat but actually the cow will only feel a little bit of pain and then the cow will be dead. Then we can cook and eat the cow. It is our tradition to cut the cow into parts and give the parts away to other people. This is not only good for one's social life, it can also bring our friends closer. This is a wonderful event!

As for today, there's nothing special actually but having a fight with my cat. He doesn't understand me anymore. So, other than that, today is a normal day which I have nothing to do. Okay I think I've updated enough and hope to see you next time. Bye. PEACE OUT!

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