Sunday, April 14, 2013

A simple minor update.

There's a lot going lately but I'm too lazy to do any update to this blog. Mostly, the reason why I'm just too lazy because nothing has been going according to my plan. Nothing that I wanted went with my expectation so I'm slightly oppressed but most of them are disappointment. I'm going to skip about my SPM result and tell you guys once I've secured a placement in any of my applied scholarships.

Right now, I'm a bit busy organising and preparing myself for any upcoming interviews. A bit agitated at times but still controllable. Just to update more about what I have to go through for the past few days. I've been trying to improve my vocab of course and at the same time practice talking more in english with my friends so that in an interview I would not have much problem spilling what I have inside my mind. I've even texted more frequently in english and read a lot of english articles. Though these things I'm telling you has already been practiced but now I'm just intensifying the effort and putting more passion into it in order for me to absorb everything quickly and efficiently.

Though I find bilingual practices are quite tedious but the outcome would be satisfying. There's a saying which goes like this it's better than nothing because to master a language which is not practiced regularly is quite hard. So it's better to learn something through observation and gain tiny, tiny bits of knowledge to later practice it.

But still I find my proficiency in malay is deteriorating in terms of matured malay vocabs and the fluency in which I write. I might be able to talk in malay more fluently than english but my writings now sucks so badly. I'm sure that malay writers would just vomit on my written malay sentences because of its irritating and dull usage of words. LOL. But the problem is though my malay sucks but my written english sucks as badly as the way I write in malay. It's a fortunate that interviews are not conducted through writings or else I would just flunk in them. But there are certain scholarship which requires the applicants to write something so that they can evaluate on your language proficiency and assess your level of maturity which I find quite a problem to me.

I've been doing multiple tasks at a time and reading a lot of articles, blogs in order for me to epitomise the success they did and to learn from any of their mistakes.

Just wish me luck guys. Next month I'm going to update every single interviews that I went through and maybe I'm going to narrate it coherently so that you guys would understand it better. But I can't promised it because I might be busy doing something else so just let us wait and see ... :)

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