Friday, November 15, 2013


What are friends? In general, friends are like long-life companions where they stick to you till the end. You share everything together, you eat together, laugh together and even sing together. Having friends are life's pleasures. They give you hope and unequivocal certainty about life and they'll lead you to your own path. They know what's best for you and for your entire life. Helping you to your times of needs is their absolute priority in life and nothing can change that fact. They'll lend you a hand though it is difficult for them to do so and it might even jeopardise their own life in doing it.

Making mistakes and teasing each other are like your common necessity in keeping the friendship going. Friends give you joy and happiness and put a big smile on your face when you're down and gloomy. They'll in fact sing you a song to cheer you up, giving you hope that no one else can. 

Sometimes, life is like a rocking boat, imbalanced and uncertain. Most often we see life in its brightest side and sometimes we don't but friends are the ones who can shed the light on your ambiguity and confusion about it. Regardless whether they give you appropriate advice or not, its the effort that counts. They'll show you how they can help you in any possible way they can despite the finite strength and wit they have within them. 

If you feel a big burden on your shoulders, they'll lend you their shoulders instead and alleviate the burden to become lesser or even none. These are merely my thoughts and description on what friends are like. Maybe different people have different ideas of what friends are like. But to me, friends can help you, amend you, train you, give joy to you, and lighten up your day. Friends are forever.


  1. Enhancing my vocab as I read ur blog :)

  2. Hahaha. Thats not a band 6 essay. And btw i dont think there r any new coveted vocabs that u havent yet known. Hhaha