Monday, November 18, 2013

It's almost the end of holidays

I don't really have any particular topic to write especially when my holidays are spent completely in my own home by myself and not with my friends nor my family. Whom should I blame this to? I should blame myself for this mundane holiday I spent isolated from my friends when I could have gone to many wondrous places and even to the beach just at the back of my house; I can watch flocks of synchronised birds flying above my head, the ever beautiful sunset, primordial since the beginning of time and the vast abysmal turquoise ocean which nothing could fathom its depth, so deep ,profound and fraught with mysteries of life. I could have spent my time engrossing onto the ever so enjoyable scene of humans playing football or even better that I could have joined them to the excitement of team work and effort.

Curiosity has always been intertwined with my destiny since my nascence to this earth oblivious to any circumstances which might lie before me or have been presented to me in the most eerie and unfathomed way that only true believers could comprehend its hidden meaning, deciphering the algorithm in which only god knows how to perform. I should have enjoyed the moment by relinquishing my thirst to my curiosity of how this world have come into prominence and worked its way to help mankind symbiotically living together with mother nature and other living creatures.

Long have I coveted the moment where I could be alone to my books on an island peaceful enough that only the sound of gush wind and waves pattering harmoniously could penetrate my ears. I have always imagined myself unwinding to the sound of nature working at its course.

All those wonderful moment that I had should have been preoccupied with memorable and ponderable activities. Never will it be so wasting nor unwittingly spent, had I planned everything beforehand. It's too late for me to feel that way and more so that I had to go back to my college in just a few days from now. I wish I could have more time to enjoy my holidays and don't have to feel too burden by those heavy notes, books and most importantly responsibilities as a student, son and friend. Truthfully, I have so many things on my plate and I have to make sure that everything that I do is impeccable and without error.

Wishing for all the luck that I could get from you guys. :)


  1. love ur language.. if only i can absorb them T______T

  2. don't need to. I know ur much better than me. haha. :)